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Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association

The Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association LITBIOMA, founded in the summer of 2003, currently has 37 members. The association involves the producers and suppliers of solid biomass and other renewable local resources, such as wood, straw, energetic willows, peat, as well as the producers and designers of solid biomass boiler rooms and other equipment, developers of plantations and academic institutions.

In order to strengthen the strategically important heat and electricity production and solid biomass market in Lithuania, the association is actively collaborating with various public institutions, organizing seminars, conferences, providing help to its members and safeguarding their interests.

Companies belonging to the association are actively operating in the field of biomass production and supply: they are cultivating energetic plant plantations, producing various types of biofuel and all tools and equipment necessary for this activity.

LITBIOMA is dedicating a lot of attention towards implementation of innovations and investigative studies intended for more effective handling of local energy resources in Lithuania.


To promote wider utilisation of renewable energy resources (first of all – biomass) in energy production, while following the principles of coherency.


Lithuania, as a country where the major part of the consumed energy is produced from renewable energy resources.

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