Recommended by LITBIOMA​

In order to promote a positive image of biomass energy, LITBIOMA has created an initiative and brand "Recommended by LITBIOMA"

Use of the trademark is described in the initiative's rules, which can be found at čia. The trademark may be used by all members of the LITBIOMA Association and other legal or natural persons with the consent of the Association.

Logo of the brand "Recommended by LITBIOMA"

A trademark can be used, for example:

  • on websites
  • on social media
  • on production packaging
  • corporate merchandise
  • on billboards, posters, etc.;
  • other promotional material.


To promote wider utilisation of renewable energy resources (first of all – biomass) in energy production, while following the principles of coherency.


Lithuania, as a country where the major part of the consumed energy is produced from renewable energy resources.